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Short Story Collection things

If you would like to read an advance copy of the collection, you can do it at Booksprout or Book Sirens.

If you just want a free copy, there’s a Goodreads Giveaway going on now!

That is all. 😀

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Coming Soon!

Love Stories, a collection of seven previously published and five previously unpublished short stories. Expected date of publication: October 31.

Pre-order your copy here: https://books2read.com/kvlovestories

Or win a free ebook copy!


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Coming soon…

I have a book cover, which will be revealed soon. I mean, I haven’t officially paid yet, but I’ve approved it, so I don’t know if They™ want me to show it to you yet, but…

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Anthology, baby!

I have a slew of stories that I haven’t been sending out. Seriously, one is from 2006 and I sent it various places for over a decade and got a lot of “I like this but it’s not for us” rejections. So I’m gathering up my sold stories and my unsold stories that I think don’t suck but are past their sell-by date, and will self-publish an anthology a collection of them.

No, I’ve never self-published before, but the awesome Dave Schroeder has and is in my writer’s group and also has resources on his web site. Digging through those I found Jane Friedman’s page on the topic and have generally fallen down a rabbit hole, as is my way. So, an anthology is headed your way!

Also, my novel will eventually head your way, but that’s a whole other topic. Suffice to say that I’m feeling like I cover a lot of similar themes.

No, this isn’t the one that I posted about working on here a million years ago, that one is Trunk Trunk Baby. This one is… Here’s a cryptic teaser.

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