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Short Fiction

Ludwig, a young 18th century Prussian nobleman, was destined for the church. A trusted authority figure betrayed him and turned him into a vampire. Now he must face an ancient evil—including an evil that has taken root inside him—and learn who he really is…

And who he really loves.

Vampires in 18th and 19th century Prussia.

If you enjoy reading historical fiction and short stories, mixed with a little bit of suspense and a lot of fantasy, then I think you’ll definitely want to read BECOMING by Katherine Villyard. I read this short story not knowing anything about it or what to expect. I came away really loving it, though! It is beautifully written and the main character, Ludwig, has such tremendous depth — even though a short story, he is so well developed. This story acts as a prequel to the author’s upcoming book, which I am now super anxious to read! Can’t wait for it to be released!!

–Lisa on Goodreads

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