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Not only am I using Write or Die, I’ve also started posting daily stats to Twitter.  In addition to boring numbers, you get completely out-of-context sentences.

You can help!  You can mock when I fail to tweet!

Okay, maybe not.  I need positive reinforcement.  I had a rough day.  That said, I clearly need to do something.  I realized when I updated my motivational spreadsheet of doom/outline that it had been five days since I last wrote (because that’s one of the formulas).

My spreadsheet is also predicting that my story will end up being 20398 words, but I have a little trouble believing that.

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2010 in review

Stories written: 5
Rejections: 34 (whew!)
Sales: 1
Stories in circulation: 8
Of course, that’s not all that happened. I also ended my 12 year relationship, lost 50 pounds, and just this week started running. I also successfully avoided having a close relative die (if I can hold out for 15 more minutes!), so that puts 2010 light years ahead of 2009.
And now, I’m going to go write some more, in hopes that what I’m doing when the clock strikes midnight sets the tone for the new year. Happy New Year’s, everyone!

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Year-end Stats

How did I do this year, writing wise?
Short stories completed: 0.
Novel drafts completed: 1.
Short stories sold: 2.
Rejections: 15.
Projects in brainstorm mode: 2.
Aside from the big short story goose egg, not bad. Well. I finished a short story, just not one I’m going to tell you about. 😉

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Today’s stats

Current wordcount: 77,210.
Goal wordcount: 80,000.
Guesstimated final wordcount: 78,778.
Percent of goal complete: 96.51%.
Percent of guesstimate complete: 98.01%.
Date I would hit 80,000 words: December 31.
Date I would hit guesstimate: December 29.
I actually suspect that it’s going to come in under 78,778 and that I’ll be finished tomorrow. We’ll see.
I also found a second thread that I’ve dropped completely. D’oh! Oh well, that’s why this is draft 0 instead of draft 1.

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Tonight’s Stats

Current wordcount: 76,072.
Goal wordcount: 80,000.
Projected final wordcount: 78,920.
Percent of goal complete: 95.09%.
Percent of projection complete: 96.39%.
Date I would reach 80,000: 12/31/08.
Date I would reach 78,920: 12/29/08.
Yeah, there was an outline tweak because I realized I needed another chapter to wind things down. That’s okay. It makes the projected wordcount closer to the goal wordcount.

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Lizardfic stats

Current wordcount: 75,070.
Goal wordcount: 80,000.
Guesstimated draft 0 wordcount: 76,833.
Percent of goal complete: 93.84%.
Percent of guesstimate complete: 97.71%.
Date I would reach 80,000: January 1, 2009.
Date I should reach guesstimated draft 0 wordcount: December 26, 2008.
I can almost taste the words “The End,” and my desktop upgrade. I should probably get an AMD motherboard so I can use the spare processors my brother-in-law gave me. I can use my old motherboard/processor/RAM to get my fileserver back up and running so the SO and I can share files again.

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Stats, baby.

Current wordcount: 73,043.
Goal wordcount: 80,000.
Projected date I would hit 80,000 words: 1/3/09.
Projected draft 0 wordcount: 76,833.
Projected draft 0 completion date: 12/28/08.
I’m writing 1000 words a day instead of 500 because I’m on break, and because I want to upgrade my desktop. So I may finish draft 0 sooner than that. Or I may not; my outline is pretty fuzzy around this point. We’ll see.

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Lizardfic stats

Current wordcount: 71015 (woohoo!)
Goal wordcount: 80000
Projected draft 0 wordcount: 76669
Projected date to hit 80000 words: 1/3/09
Projected date to hit projected wordcount: 12/27/08
I admit it, I’m relieved to see the projected wordcount go up even though that pushes the finish date off. I have time off work coming up. Linux desktop upgrade, here I come!

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Current stats

Current wordcount: 69,959.
Official wordcount goal: 80,000.
Date spreadsheet predicts I’ll hit 80,000: January 2.
Predicted draft 0 wordcount: 75,488 (ouch).
Predicted day I’ll hit predicted draft 0 wordcount: December 24.
I’m not that worried about the predicted draft 0 wordcount. I need to go back and put in well over 5,000 words of extra villain material. I planned to do that after the end of draft 0, so…
Yeah, still on track to get linux desktop upgrade bribe. Woohoo! If bribery works, I may have to promise myself an Asus eee or something for polishing this novel and sending it out. Although I need to write more short stories first. I’m running out of short stories!

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According to the spreadsheet of doom, it’s been nineteen days since I last wrote. I promptly threw out my last scene, too, so the word count is less. (61,687.) Did I mention that we were doing an email migration?
I think I know what I’m going to do for the next scene, but I really need to write. I need to finish this chapter by the 14th so my crit group will have something to crit on the 15th!
The last scene was really heavy-handed. It had a couple of good lines, but I saved the whole scene in my cut file so I could steal my own good lines if I need to. Yes, the cut file is in version control. I’m such a dork.


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