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Fitting it all in.

Yes, it’s another post on the continuing saga.

New job.  New job means new schedule.  New schedule means figuring out how to work all the other, non-job things I want to do into my life. Yeah.  It’s a process.

First up:  running.  Since I’m off the evil early morning schedule (OMG SO not a morning person!) that means that I can go run in the mornings.  That may seem counter-intuitive, but the idea is that I have very little brain in the mornings and therefore it’s more efficient to do tasks that don’t require brain then.  Trotting along on mechanical conveyances does not require brain.  This also means I often get in 10,000 steps before noon, and have my evenings available for having an actual social life.  This week I ran 14.9 miles total, so I declare the new running plan a success.

Next up:  scheduling writing time.  My lunch hour might work.  Hmmmm.  I’ll have to try that.

Other things that need scheduling:  Weights and yoga.  Since running is Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday, there’s a logical Tuesday-Thursday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday slot for that.  Hmm.

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As promised…

I said that all would be revealed in the fullness of time.  I have a new job.  One with a less heinous commute.

Which means, of course, that it’s time to get back on the writing horse.  And the running horse, because working 40 hours a week + 4 hours a day commuting doesn’t leave one a lot of running time.  I have a new story partially outlined, and it’s been that way for months, so it’s time to finish that outline.

In other news, I’ll be in the Broad Universe sampler and will read with Broad Universe at WisCon on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

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Hack Your Body

Disclaimer: It’s your body. Hack it or not as you choose. If you choose, read on.

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Constructing a Narrative

I didn’t write much last year, and the reason why is that I was constructing a different kind of narrative. My mother died unexpectedly last year while I was at WisCon, and finding a way to tell yourself the story in a way that makes sense is an important part of grief. Unfortunately, the whole thing was so sudden and unexpected, and so followed by the near death of my father and the death of my friend who was my primary support during this time that I feel like I need to instead retell the story of who I am.
I have, however, learned a lot of things about how much of what I think of as myself is a construct. Having the ground yanked away from under your feet will do that to you.
I’ve also learned that I have a deep psychological need to write, even if it’s just a sentence a night. I think that part of the that is that I like fiction better than life because fiction makes sense. Life seldom does. Life tells the truth, but it’s a dry, factual truth. Fiction tells you the truth in a way that won’t hurt you.
It’s almost the spring equinox, and I am Persephone, returning from the dead. Only it’s a sort of reversed version of the story, with Demeter in the earth, and my return is leaving her behind. And the ground opened up beneath me last spring. And I’m not quite back yet.
But I will be.
Flowers for Mom

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Of course. Sigh.

Of course, setting a writing goal means a server disaster that includes me staying until 4:30am and then getting up at 7 to go to training.
I missed a couple of writing days. Will I end up getting the upgrade anyway? Tune in at the end of the month and find out!

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Happy Exploitation of Native Cultures Day!

Happy Dead Bird Day to those of you who eat dead bird, and happy Tofurkey day to the rest of us. Today is a very special day in the US; a harvest festival where we celebrate gluttony. (Some families celebrate all seven of the deadly sins, but we’re slothful slackers around here.) We also tell happy myths about friendship between the pilgrims and the native people.
I don’t consider Thanksgiving as boycott-worthy as Columbus day, but… well, in lieu of non-festive ranting I give you this. And the suggestion that you listen to Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant” and watch Addams Family Values, my two favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

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Still working too much. Still stressed. Reduced to posting amusing quotes:
“English is the result of Norman men-at-arms attempting to pick up Saxon barmaids and is no more legitimate than any of the other results.”
– H. Beam Piper
The writing proceeds apace, for the most part. I’m not doing enough of it, and need work to calm down so I can finish my novel, write a few short stories, etc.
I’m also attempting to have a social life. Go figure.

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Feminist ramblings.

Someone recently asked me how I became a feminist.
Let me set the scene for you. I’m ten years old, living in Ogden, Utah. My father is stationed at Hill Air Force Base, and I’m merrily exploring hitherto unimagined depths of unpopularity at Horace Mann Elementary. As near as I can tell, my English teacher has decided that the only way to maintain order in his class is to join in bullying me (What a pathetic admission of failure on his part!). I was raised Methodist, but in this atmosphere my Mom decides that the best way to deal with my social ills at school is to send me to Mormon Sunday school so I can fit in. (Gag!)
This is both the year that I discovered Ursula K. Le Guin–especially The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed, my first exposure to feminism–and the year someone told me I couldn’t go to heaven unless my husband took me.
Apparently, the Methodists are wifty liberals, ’cause they were ordaining women ministers in the 1950s. So, you know. The Mormon Sunday school thing was kind of a bust, and as for the husband thing? Not just no, hell no. Luckily, I had the Ogden Public Library and their young adult section to keep me company in my heresy.
After that, we moved to Germany. European girls can grocery shop topless if they feel like it. I think it’s dumb that I can’t, but I also have no desire to take my top off in public because I’m a product of my culture. Dumb or not, I don’t want to show you my tits. 😉
Germany is also where I discovered Star Trek. Armed Forces Network showed it on prime time, Thursdays at 7pm if I recall correctly. I always identified with Spock because he was the outsider. And A Wrinkle in Time–I read that one over and over and over. I loved Meg because she was the outcast, but she was also an awesome math chick. And the book was about her.
So, grrls: what books/movies/TV shows were extra awesome to you when you were young/changed you/saved your sanity? Why?

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So, where’ve you been, Katherine?

Pretty much working, exercising, and writing my novel. And nagging my sister to put dog pictures on Flickr. I think the world needs more pet pictures, don’t you? Isn’t that an Avenue Q song? “The Internet is for Pet Pictures”?
Current novel wordcount: 48,828. We’ve made it to the city, where lots of important things happen. Ooh, I need to tweak my outline spreadsheet to match some of the changes in the text outline. A whole bunch of unplanned characters showed up in Chapter Ten and have become important, and need to be reflected in the outline.


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ebook fever!

I just subscribed to Asimov’s as an ebook from fictionwise.
See, I love Asimov’s, but I hate the way all those little digest-sized books start to cover every available surface of my home. This is much better, because they just go onto my PDA and are there for me any time I find myself in need of something good to read.
In other news, Scalzi has links to more free ebook goodness.

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