I’m listed in the Best Reviewed Books for December and, because they gave me 4+ stars, they interviewed me for their site.

An excerpt:

What inspired you to write the book? A particular person? An event?

Oh, it’s hard to answer this question because it’s a short fiction collection! A lot of things inspired me. “Book of Shadows” and “In the Water” were both inspired by incredibly vivid dreams. “Grandfather Paradox” was inspired by the classic Time Travel paradox and my wondering why someone would want to kill their own grandfather. “Saving Alan Idle” and “In Sickness and in Health” are both me wondering at what point does a program or construct transcend their programming and become a person. “La Divina Commedia” was inspired by a friend undergoing some personal difficulties, and how surprisingly painful I found his problems, and my feeling like the only thing that might make it worse would be if I were dating him. And “Underworld” is about my mother’s death. I can keep going, but there are a lot of stories here…

Oh, and in “Toads and Roses,” I’m the toad sister and I got the better end of the bargain. Go, Toads!

ANYWAY, you should check it out!

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