By Katherine Villyard

Love Stories

a short fiction collection

What is love? What can love drive us to do?

In these stories, love pushes us to revenge, to reach beyond the boundaries of life and death. To rescue a family member. To fight the good fight without even knowing it, or to risk everyone and everything to save someone who may or may not be worthy. To make the wrong decisions and walk into hell. To transcend who we are.

Love can make us both the best and worst versions of ourselves.



Katherine Villyard

Katherine’s parents met singing opera and started taking her to choir practice when she was six weeks old. She attended four elementary schools and four high schools before getting master’s degrees in art and library science. So naturally she works in IT, abusing SQL Server for fun and profit. When she’s not working or writing, she’s probably playing the Sims or spoiling cats.
Her greatest ambition is to rule the world.

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Other Publications

Broad Spectrum; The 2012 Broad Universe Fiction Sampler

Twenty-nine excerpts and complete short stories from members of Broad Universe, an organization promoting women in genre fiction: fantasy, horror and science fiction.

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination,January 2015 #224

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, edited by Hugo and Wold Fantasy Award nominated editor Warren Lapine, brings you the very best in science fiction and fantasy. Join us as we explore strange new worlds.

Becoming: Short Fiction

Ludwig, a young 18th century Prussian nobleman, was destined for the church. A trusted authority figure betrayed him and turned him into a vampire. Now he must face an ancient evil—including an evil that has taken root inside him—and learn who he really is


Katherine Villyard’s LOVE STORIES blazes across space and time and includes an array of futuristic short stories linked by the theme of love and the drama it can provoke. The stories, populated by mortals, Gods, wizards and androids, vary in time and their fantastical settings. Each blends plot and character into an imaginative array that will dazzle readers.


Upcoming Events

August 11, 2024 at 4pm

Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading - Castle 2

Meet the Broads of Broad Universe! The authors of Broad Universe will drop you into their fictional universes with short readings from multiple authors and works. Within the session you will hear a variety of writers in a variety of speculative fiction subgenres, like a variety box of chocolate! Broad Universe is an international organization dedicated to promoting women and traditionally marginalized genders in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

Prospective Participants: D. H. Timpko, E. C. Ambrose, Jo Miles, Katherine Villyard, Kathryn Sullivan, Randee Dawn

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

Immortal Gifts


Abraham, a 19th century Jewish man, just wanted to study violin at the Berlin Academy of Music, an institution that didn’t allow Jews to attend. But his musical patron left him with a gift to remember: he turned him into a vampire.

Abraham finds himself on the run from his grandsire, a former Inquisitor and bigot, trying to lead a normal life and reconcile his Jewishness with the new reality that has been thrust upon him. But now that Abraham is in love with a modern mortal woman, he’s stopped running to honor his wife’s family and community connections, despite his own growing fear of mortality and outliving his loved ones. As his grandsire closes in, Abraham must fight to protect his family and their quiet life together.

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Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading

Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading

Are you going to WorldCon in Glasgow? You can SEE ME there! August 11, 2024 at 4pm Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading - Castle 2 Meet the Broads of Broad Universe! The authors of Broad Universe will drop you into their fictional universes with short readings from...

The Interview with the Vampire TV Series

OH MY $DEITY I AM OBSESSED. So, I'm a book fan--not a "True Fan," as I read the first three and stopped--but I read and loved the first three books very much. (I recently read Tale of the Body Thief as well and enjoyed it!) But it's as someone who read these books at...

La Divinia Commedia

La Divinia Commedia


Last time this happened, I was Orpheus.

Ethan was lost, pale, gone in a haze of Zoloft and Lithium and anorexia, and he assured me he was in hell, and I missed him so much that the rocks and trees wept. And when neither of us could bear it any more, I descended into the underworld and went to the King. I sang such a song of grief that I even moved the King of the Underworld to tears, and he said I could bring my Eurydice back to the light of day if only I didn’t turn back and look upon him. As I walked through the fluorescent halls and the smell of bleach and urine I knew this was hell, and I couldn’t bear the thought of my beloved locked away from the sun like this forever. So I led the way singing, and the janitors and nurses wept and cleared a path for us as we walked down the hall.

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