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I’m hoping this is close to the last draft of my bug story.  It’s about 4800 words of insecty goodness!

Um.  Yeah.  Trust me on this.  Heh.

In other news, I have a huge pile of stories that need to go back out because of commute hell.  Maybe I should go do that now.

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“La Divina Commedia” is live at ChiZine!

Yay! I’m really excited! This story took a long time to sell (two years, three months), and the rejections all said it was really good but not really something they buy. I never lost faith in the story, though, and am really happy that such an awesome place picked it up. I was never really in danger of giving up, because I’m obnoxiously stubborn that way, but I admit it was getting a little disheartening.
You can read it here.

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I’m a story-finishing menace!

I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile, and it’s time to release it into the wild. It’s called “The Will of Venus.”

It was a day that all young girls both dreamed about and feared. Mostly feared. Aelia Prima had done all the traditional spells to see the face of your future husband, but they’d never worked. Which was odd, because she had a knack for spells–finding lost objects and the like. She asked the household Gods, the Lares, for help, but got the distinct impression that things were being managed by something higher than them.

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New Story in Circulation

Thanks to my sister for suggesting the title “In Sickness and in Health.”

Robbie didn’t sleep, but if he did he would have been awakened by the sound of Lydia vomiting. It echoed all up and down the house through the plumbing.

He padded downstairs, watching his feet. They looked indistinguishable from human feet, if perhaps a bit less veiny. He went into the guest bedroom downstairs, where Lydia had moved because her bones were getting brittle, and moved into the bathroom.

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“In the Water” is live!

Go. Read!

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Grandfather Paradox is live!

You can either read or listen here.

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New story in circulation: Transplant

Have an excerpt:

Karen rolled her wheelchair off the elevator on the basement level, her laundry basket in her lap. Charlie, the cute guy from across the hall, was coming out of the laundry room. He was so beautiful that her heart skipped a beat as he held the door for her. He was a bit on the skinny side, but his hair was a luminous chestnut brown, his eyes were startling robin-egg blue, and his skin was so perfect that it almost glowed.

I sat on this one for a long time, but I think it’s ready.

This brings me up to nine stories in circulation, by the way.

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New story in circulation

From “Saving Alan Idle:”

In the beginning, there was darkness. And in the darkness were the words. And the words were, AI process starting.

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Excerpty goodness.

I just realized that I never posted excerpts of my latest. This is from “Ondine’s Curse.”

She knew the signs of drowning; she’d seen it many times. Mouth below the water line, arms pressing the body up out of the water for a breath. He didn’t cry out for help, but they never did. Breathing took precedence. He didn’t kick, didn’t thrash. He didn’t have the energy to waste.

She always felt sorry for mortals. So vulnerable, especially in the water. The poor things just couldn’t manage.

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Um. Wow!

I’m a little freaked out, but in a good way. As bizarre as it feels for me to write this, I’m apparently Nebula-eligible and John Klima of Electric Velocipede is providing my story “Grandfather Paradox” among the issues he’s giving to SFWA members to read.

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