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Screenplay Competition Season

I’ve started getting notifications about screenwriting competitions, which means I need to decide which ones I’m going to pelt with screenplays.
I’m considering blowing off Austin this year–I won’t have anything new until Script Frenzy, and they’ve seen everything I’ve got. Maybe I’ll try Scriptapalooza this year. And the Final Draft people have already emailed me to let me know that it’s that time again. Looks like Final Draft offers more in the way of cash. I’m in it for the attention whoring industry attention rather than the cash, but the cash would be nice, too. Hmm.
Maybe this should be the year that I should get off my behind and send out script queries, like I should have been doing all along. I’m doing a good job marketing my short fiction. I’m doing a lousy job marketing my scripts.
I think part of the bad marketing is not knowing a lot of screenwriting people. Well, there’s Bill and Misha, but we don’t really talk screenwriting very often. Maybe I should go hang out on Max Adams’ board; they’re really friendly.
Part of it is that it’s hard. It’s easy to throw a short story into a slush pile. I’ll need to write query letters for my novels eventually, anyway. I might as well start now.

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New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, it’s the obligatory New Year’s resolutions post! I’m sure you can hardly wash. Yay!

  • Write more. I did poorly with the short story deadlines, but maybe they were too short. One short story a month, excepting March, June, and November, which I’m going to set aside for other writing.
  • NaNoEdMo. It looks like the site is dead, Jim. That doesn’t mean I can’t set aside March for editing my NaNoWriMo novel.
  • Script Frenzy! Rather than try to write a script for the Austin Film Festival, I’ll do NaNoWriMo’s new screenwriting challenge. That’ll give me time to edit properly. I mean, I sent Double Feature off to Austin while it was still lying around the Critters queue. That’s no good.
  • NaNoWriMo. I probably want to do that again next year.
  • I also want to finish Lizardfic and Hurricane Maria.

In other news, I just tossed a story into the Critters queue. A sample:

The Wasicu cities still exist, rising up out of the turf. When the buffalo herds run across the plain, the towers shake and glass falls out of them.

Kicking Horse walks between the towers. He knows that under the soft, tall grass lie the bones of Wasicu. He’s not afraid of ghosts–helpful ancestors teach the children to hunt and fish, gather herbs, speak their own language–but the evil dead are another thing. Some of these Wasicu were women and children, but some of them were bad men. He wouldn’t come at all if he weren’t looking for Snow Deer.

Oh, yeah. And continue to shrink. (35 pounds so far; go me!)


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Year in Review

Short stories completed: 1
Scripts completed: 1
Novel first drafts completed: 1
Short stories that somehow morphed into novels-in-progess: 2
Short stories that were pulled from circulation and completely rewritten: 1
Short story submissions: 32
Short story rejections: 28
Short story sales: 1
Short stories in circulation: 3
Lo, I am dissatisfied.


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No love from Austin

I received my annual “Thanks, but no thanks!” letter from Austin today. A sample, for the curious:

Thank you for submitting your script, Double Feature, to the Austin Film Festival’s 2006 Screenplay Competition. This year we received over 4,000 entries in both the Adult/Family and Comedy categories. We recognize there are numberous competitions available to you, and we value your decision to share your story with us.

Every year’s submissions are different in some significant way. The high level of talent exhibited by the entrants this year was truly remarkable. Our readers were impressed with the overall quality of work and returned many positve evaluations, making the judging process extremely challenging.

Unfortunately, your screenplay did not advance to the second round in the Comedy category. Entering contests offers a great opportunity to bring attention to your work, and you should not be discouraged. Rather, we encourage you to pursue other avenues of recognition for your script. Please remember competition are subjective by nature.

Huh, they didn’t mention the Sci-Fi Award. I wonder if I should expect a second letter. I mean, surely they received enough Spec Fic scripts that they wouldn’t give it to someone who didn’t advance to the semifinals, right?

I’m also glad that they ditched the phrasing, “We were really impressed with the quality of writing, and your hard work really shone through.” That’s just not something I want to hear in a form letter.

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*hangs head*

I’m kind of…
…not writing.
I suspect I’m less well prepared for my novel than I thought I was–I’ve been opening the document file and staring at it and closing it without adding anything new. Perhaps making the outline a bit clearer would help.
Tonight, I’m meeting some other screenwriting people, which may end up in critiques! Cross your fingers!

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Coping with novel anxiety.

I actually have… an outline. And the motivational spreadsheet of doom to track my wordcount. And… version control. Yes, version control, like programmers use. Why, yes, I am a geek. But I could have used version control sooner–I realized at one point that I’d been sending out copies of “Corporate Oversight” that had an error I’d corrected about six months previously, only I’d also overwritten the file with an old version. Ouch.
I wrote 500 words on Lizardfic the Novel today–well, some of those were pasted in from Lizardfic the short story, but… close enough. I just felt like it.
I also added some minor script tweaks the SO suggested. One word change and one short scene.
And now, bed.

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On second thought…

…I don’t think NaNoWriMo is what I’m looking for with Lizardfic the novel. NaNoWriMo still might be fun, but… not for Lizardfic.
Which means that I need to come up with an outline, and a daily wordcount goal. Otherwise it’ll sit around my hard drive doing nothing.
I think my other “story” in progress is also a novel.
This might sound odd, but I’m slightly disgruntled that both my current ideas are novels. It’s a lot easier to throw short fiction into a slush pile. I can think of three places off the top of my head that take novel slush. If those don’t pan out, well, it’ll be agent-seeking time.
In other news, my script is done. *throws confetti*

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I may be writing a novel.
I received some crits for lizardfic today, and one of the critiquers agrees with Brian that the story might work better at novel-length. I suspect they may be right.
Of course, I don’t have time right now. I need to finish this script. But after, I need to plan this one out. I’m considering doing it during NaNoWriMo, for the support. Which makes me wonder if they’re doing NaNoFiMo again this year.
Speaking of the script, it’s still going slow. And that’s what I should be working on now.

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Must. Finish. Script.

The last pages of my script are just grinding out like cement. I don’t know if it’s laptop death trama and the associated rebuild/migrate/etc., the distraction of the new Precious, being busy at work, all of the above, none of the above…
In short, I’m not writing. There must be writing. There needs to be script.
In other news, the cats ate my Navajo loom. In other, other news, fie on Quicken, for I have migrated to something that runs on linux.

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Complications Ensue

Um. Yeah. Laptop died.
I kind of took the opportunity to go linux. Which means I had to import the script into Celtx, which I just don’t love as much as Final Draft. I’ll probably try to get Final Draft to work under wine as soon as I fix the video card, which is a bit cranky. Cranky video cards are common to my Debian experience. Everything else seems to work (well, I haven’t tried the modem, but…), including wireless. Yay, wireless! MadWifi is my friend.
I managed to get the old laptop to boot enough to pull the last bit of data off, but I’d really rather not use that machine as a primary writing machine any more. It just isn’t reliable.
I’d lost maybe a page or two of the script, but recovered that file as well. The question is whether or not I want to import that into Celtx as well. My first thought is, “*facepalm!*” so…

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