Yes, it’s the obligatory New Year’s resolutions post! I’m sure you can hardly wash. Yay!

  • Write more. I did poorly with the short story deadlines, but maybe they were too short. One short story a month, excepting March, June, and November, which I’m going to set aside for other writing.
  • NaNoEdMo. It looks like the site is dead, Jim. That doesn’t mean I can’t set aside March for editing my NaNoWriMo novel.
  • Script Frenzy! Rather than try to write a script for the Austin Film Festival, I’ll do NaNoWriMo’s new screenwriting challenge. That’ll give me time to edit properly. I mean, I sent Double Feature off to Austin while it was still lying around the Critters queue. That’s no good.
  • NaNoWriMo. I probably want to do that again next year.
  • I also want to finish Lizardfic and Hurricane Maria.

In other news, I just tossed a story into the Critters queue. A sample:

The Wasicu cities still exist, rising up out of the turf. When the buffalo herds run across the plain, the towers shake and glass falls out of them.

Kicking Horse walks between the towers. He knows that under the soft, tall grass lie the bones of Wasicu. He’s not afraid of ghosts–helpful ancestors teach the children to hunt and fish, gather herbs, speak their own language–but the evil dead are another thing. Some of these Wasicu were women and children, but some of them were bad men. He wouldn’t come at all if he weren’t looking for Snow Deer.

Oh, yeah. And continue to shrink. (35 pounds so far; go me!)

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