Hack Your Body

Disclaimer: It’s your body. Hack it or not as you choose. If you choose, read on.

I have a new hobby. Hacking my body. I’ve lost over a hundred pounds, I run, and I lift weights. I also got a tattoo.
Every now and then someone will ask me if I had surgery to lose weight. Bariatric surgery terrifies me, so NO, I didn’t. I counted calories. For a very long time. In fact, I’m no longer on a diet but still count calories. To make a long story short, I was overweight because my “stop eating” signal was inefficient, and I need a different mechanism to let me know when I’ve had enough. I’m currently on 2000-ish calories a day and weigh somewhere between 130 and 135, which makes the people who feel it is okay to tell me I’m clearly anorexic extra-special-annoying. (Also? 135 is a perfectly reasonable weight for a 5’7″ woman, which makes the people who tell me I don’t look a pound over 120 annoying, too.)
The best description of how I lost weight is probably The Hacker’s Diet. John Scalzi did pretty much the same thing, too. We all used different software–it doesn’t matter what software you use–but it’s the same thing. Basic math: eat 500 calories a day less than what maintains your current weight.
Anyway. I may post more running and weightlifting stuff in the future. Especially if I start racing and it becomes interesting.

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