Yes, it’s another post on the continuing saga.

New job.  New job means new schedule.  New schedule means figuring out how to work all the other, non-job things I want to do into my life. Yeah.  It’s a process.

First up:  running.  Since I’m off the evil early morning schedule (OMG SO not a morning person!) that means that I can go run in the mornings.  That may seem counter-intuitive, but the idea is that I have very little brain in the mornings and therefore it’s more efficient to do tasks that don’t require brain then.  Trotting along on mechanical conveyances does not require brain.  This also means I often get in 10,000 steps before noon, and have my evenings available for having an actual social life.  This week I ran 14.9 miles total, so I declare the new running plan a success.

Next up:  scheduling writing time.  My lunch hour might work.  Hmmmm.  I’ll have to try that.

Other things that need scheduling:  Weights and yoga.  Since running is Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday, there’s a logical Tuesday-Thursday or Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday slot for that.  Hmm.

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