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Wow, that was temporarily tragic!

I upgraded the site software and temporarily broke MT-akismet. This was probably the most horrible thing ever to happen to a writer’s site. Luckily, the problem was discovered when I asked myself, “Self, why are all those spam comments getting through?”
All is well, now. Now I just have to ask myself why spammers all want to comment on my entry about selling “The Captivity of Princess Sallya.”
Those of you who scroll past all the tech talk, as you were.

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Woe is me!

I impulsively went to Microcenter to look for upgrades for my linux desktop, since that was my bribe for myself. It looks like the spare processors I was going to use are old enough that I can’t use them with a new motherboard, so I didn’t think I’d get out of there for less than $150 (motherboard, processor, and power supply–I have RAM and other parts). Woe!
On the other hand, perhaps Microcenter isn’t the best place to do this. (Funny how whenever I’m looking at pre-built boxen I can’t get the salesboyz to leave me alone, but when I’m looking at components I can’t get their attention.) I think I need to go to a real computer part store instead.

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Rant of the Day

I am a System Administrator. In fact, I am a SAGE Level III SysAdmin.
I am not an Administrative Assistant. I will not let you write down my job title as Administrative Assistant on a hospital admission form. And no, I will not take a message for my boss. If you wouldn’t ask the Mail Server Admin or the Windows Domain Admin to take messages for their boss or make appointments for their boss, don’t ask me ’cause I do the same damned thing they do. Yes, even though I have tits; they let women do other jobs nowadays.
And lest you think I’m making shit up, I’m not the only one:

[4:52p] bethlynn: to be honest, I often say i’m invovled in IT support to non-tech people. No matter how clearly I say “System Administrator” they hear “Administrative Assistant”

I’ve heard this exact same thing from other women sysadmins.

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I can has Debian.

Yeah, I realized yesterday that the Ubuntu upgrade had blown away my old xorg.conf, and that the new one didn’t appear to know that I had a video driver at all. I considered digging it out of backups, but no, I’m too lazy. Debian. And I restored my old home, so all my bookmarks, etc., are still good. Apparently, I restored flash, too, ’cause I’m celebrating by watching videos on YouTube. 😉
And now, food.

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My newly upgraded Ubuntu 8.04 box continues to boot to a black screen from a cold boot. Sure, I can go into recovery mode and then it works when I reboot, but I don’t really want to fix my machine every time I boot it. And I’m still not alone.
My commitment to Ubuntu is pretty weak right now, so unless I fix this soon this machine is going Debian Etch. I’m just sayin’. I’ll try the vesa driver in xorg.conf, but of course when I reboot it’ll work. It’s just the cold boot that’s black. *shakes head* It’s a kernel driver, it’s got to be.

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Ubuntu Hardy, the morning after.

I woke up–slept in, ’cause I was up late upgrading–wandered over to the computer, and pressed the power button. It ran through the startup process into a black screen.
Luckily, escape at the grub menu, running the recovery mode, and picking xfix solved my problem. It looks like I’m not alone, so, you know. Word to the wise.
Also, Firefox 3 won’t take my extension, but I can use the bookmarklet.


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*chews fingernails*

One of my other machines is busily upgrading from Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper) to 8.04 (Hardy). I did both a full backup and a backup of home first, just in case anything ends up hosed. Yikes.
No, I don’t live dangerously. 😉
Sadly, Ubuntu has discontinued their PPC support. I may have to install Debian Etch on that system instead. *pets Debian*
Why, yes, I should be writing on my novel instead. This is worse than bungee jumping! Not that I bungee jump, but you know.

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Want to be part of an experiment?

Question: Do free ebooks help or hurt paper book sales?
Tor is offering free ebooks if you sign up with their newsletter here. They offer a different one each week–this week is Scalzi’s Old Man’s War. (If you want it and missed it, ask a friend–the email says “tell a friend” but I don’t know if they want me to, you know, post the links here, so I won’t.) The first one was only in PDF, but this week’s is in PDF, HTML, and Mobi version (yay, my PDA is so happy!).
If you hurry, you might still be able to get Scalzi’s book. Next week’s won a Hugo (SPIN by Robert Charles Wilson).
Yes, yes. You have to get their newsletter. But they pay you to receive it–in ebooks!
And, you know, if you really like the ebook and want to do something nice for the author, then you can buy a paper copy. If you don’t want your paper copy, you can give it to a friend you think would like it, or to a library or bookcrossing. You don’t have to, but if you do you can help provide data that contradicts the idea that ebooks are the END OF DAYS FOR AUTHORS ZOMG, and maybe publishers and authors will make more of ’em, and then we’ll live in an ebook utopia. It could happen.

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Fear my geek-fu.

I found a missing angle bracket in the comment table template that was conflating the “not spam” and “empty” buttons on the spam comment listing on MT 4.1. Line 24 of comment_table.tmpl should read:

title="<__trans phrase="Report Selected Comments as Not Spam and Publish (j)">"

The > near the end was missing.

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Web Dorking

I upgraded Movable Type to the latest version. It was a security thing. You shouldn’t notice a difference.
It was pretty much painless aside from the part where fastcgi doesn’t work with the upgrade script. Once I figured that out all was love.
They’re supposed to have a personal license of Movable Type Community Solution, which I find oddly exciting because I like to pretend that someday I’ll have comments and shit, and y’all’ll want forums. Hey, it could happen! But until then, you know. Eh.
If you find borked stuff, let me know.

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