So, I have a drive full of files.  Sometimes, I get a new one–okay, sometimes I get over 1000 new ones–and want to keep the latest and pitch the duplicates without throwing away old files that don’t have a duplicate.  These files are of the form DATABASENAME_Attach_number_7777mmdd_hhmmss.sqb, but they could be anything, really.

(Why batch?  Because I had most of it lying around already and I’m lazy.)

set destination="i:\directory\with\old\files"
set source="f:\directory\with\new\files"
cd %destination%
mkdir old
mkdir new
move *.sqb old
robocopy %source% %destination%\new /mt:2 /mov
del early.txt
del files.txt
del names.txt
for %%F in ("old\*.sqb") do echo %%F >> early.txt
for /f "tokens=2 delims=\" %%A in (early.txt) do (
echo %%A >> files.txt
for /f "tokens=1-3 delims=_" %%A in (files.txt) do (
echo %%A_%%B_%%C >> names.txt
for /f %%F in (names.txt) do @if exist new\%%F* del old\%%F_FULL*
del early.txt
del files.txt
move names.txt dedupe
cd old
move * ..
cd ..\new
move * ..
cd ..
rd new
rd old

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