Be your own enabler!

Hi, my name is Katherine, and I’m a self-censor.
(“Hi, Katherine!”)
It really slows me down, because I get bogged down in resisting what happens in a story.
The first draft is not the time to decide whether something is kitsch, or too unpleasant, or whatever. Decide whether it’s kitsch in rewrites. Be your own enabler.


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3 Responses to Be your own enabler!

  1. Another Voice in the Cacophony

    Fellow self-censor waves ‘hello!’

  2. *waves “hello” back*
    It’s hard, isn’t it? I had Jen encouraging me to make things worse on “Book of Shadows,” which helped immensely.

  3. Yeah, I keep having to remind myself of that as I’m writing my current story. “Just get to the end,” I keep saying. “But…but…” the internal censor says. “Shut the fuck up!” I say. Eventually, the yelling becomes too much and I decide that I’m done writing for the day.