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It’s not time-wasting! ;)

Creating my characters in the Sims 4? Rolling them up as Dungeons and Dragons characters? RESEARCH. 😉

(Sadly, I’m not actually PLAYING them.)

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Interested in my novel in progress?

I have a Pinterest where I’m putting up visual references/inspirations. <3

I admit I got the idea from my sister, who has a board for each individual character. I have an overall board with sub-boards for characters. I don’t think there are any spoilers! but here’s a sample; a photo by Yvette van der Velde:


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Anthology, baby!

I have a slew of stories that I haven’t been sending out. Seriously, one is from 2006 and I sent it various places for over a decade and got a lot of “I like this but it’s not for us” rejections. So I’m gathering up my sold stories and my unsold stories that I think don’t suck but are past their sell-by date, and will self-publish an anthology a collection of them.

No, I’ve never self-published before, but the awesome Dave Schroeder has and is in my writer’s group and also has resources on his web site. Digging through those I found Jane Friedman’s page on the topic and have generally fallen down a rabbit hole, as is my way. So, an anthology is headed your way!

Also, my novel will eventually head your way, but that’s a whole other topic. Suffice to say that I’m feeling like I cover a lot of similar themes.

No, this isn’t the one that I posted about working on here a million years ago, that one is Trunk Trunk Baby. This one is… Here’s a cryptic teaser.

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Tough decisions.

Woe is me! I’ve decided that Untitled AI is not a story about Julia and Rob, my intrepid reporter and photographer. In fact, Untitled AI is probably two projects, but Julia and Rob have nothing to do with the AI and will need to have a new project just about them. This makes me sad, because I really like Julia and Rob, but there you go.
As for the untitled novel which desperately needs a better title than Lizardfic, I’m going back and making big lists of threads I dropped. D’oh! Most of these are things which are very clearly in the outline, and I got to the end and said, “Oh, wait. I need this.” Ah well, this is what revisions are for, right?
Speaking of new titles for the novel formerly known as Lizardfic (and briefly known as Monkeyfic), I feel a perverse desire to play off titles like “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” or, in a more threatening and dadaist vein, “The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors.”

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Brainstorming thoughts.

I have two projects I’m brainstorming for possible novelization. One is a short story I’m thinking of expanding, and the other is my old script frenzy idea that was never fully fleshed out.
The short story is, not surprisingly, in good shape. The script frenzy idea, on the other hand…
I forgot that I’d plotted that out based on ideas off the science fiction clichés list combined in outrageous ways. In other words, I’d forgotten how much the plot sucks (like a black hole!). LOL. On the other hand, I really like the characters and would like to do more with them.
So, for old ScriptFrenzy idea, which is now being called “untitled AI,” I have the following steps in mind:
Step One: De-cheese and solidify plot.
Step Two: ……
Step Three: Profit!
Seriously, to start with I need a better, punchier high-concept idea than “reporter investigates AI.” ‘Cause, you know. The punchier high-concept idea is what makes the other one easier to plot.
Random aside: Oh my God I love AIs. Especially Lyda Morehouse’s.


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Draft 0 done!

Final wordcount: 77,748.
I’ve got several dropped threads that need to be added in rewrites, though. D’oh! On the other hand, the basic structure is there. I just need to add in all that stuff that was, you know, why I wrote this thing in the first place.

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Today’s stats

Current wordcount: 77,210.
Goal wordcount: 80,000.
Guesstimated final wordcount: 78,778.
Percent of goal complete: 96.51%.
Percent of guesstimate complete: 98.01%.
Date I would hit 80,000 words: December 31.
Date I would hit guesstimate: December 29.
I actually suspect that it’s going to come in under 78,778 and that I’ll be finished tomorrow. We’ll see.
I also found a second thread that I’ve dropped completely. D’oh! Oh well, that’s why this is draft 0 instead of draft 1.

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Tonight’s Stats

Current wordcount: 76,072.
Goal wordcount: 80,000.
Projected final wordcount: 78,920.
Percent of goal complete: 95.09%.
Percent of projection complete: 96.39%.
Date I would reach 80,000: 12/31/08.
Date I would reach 78,920: 12/29/08.
Yeah, there was an outline tweak because I realized I needed another chapter to wind things down. That’s okay. It makes the projected wordcount closer to the goal wordcount.

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Lizardfic stats

Current wordcount: 75,070.
Goal wordcount: 80,000.
Guesstimated draft 0 wordcount: 76,833.
Percent of goal complete: 93.84%.
Percent of guesstimate complete: 97.71%.
Date I would reach 80,000: January 1, 2009.
Date I should reach guesstimated draft 0 wordcount: December 26, 2008.
I can almost taste the words “The End,” and my desktop upgrade. I should probably get an AMD motherboard so I can use the spare processors my brother-in-law gave me. I can use my old motherboard/processor/RAM to get my fileserver back up and running so the SO and I can share files again.

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Stats, baby.

Current wordcount: 73,043.
Goal wordcount: 80,000.
Projected date I would hit 80,000 words: 1/3/09.
Projected draft 0 wordcount: 76,833.
Projected draft 0 completion date: 12/28/08.
I’m writing 1000 words a day instead of 500 because I’m on break, and because I want to upgrade my desktop. So I may finish draft 0 sooner than that. Or I may not; my outline is pretty fuzzy around this point. We’ll see.

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