All Abraham has ever wanted is connection: connection to his family, connection to his Jewish faith and community, and connection to an audience with whom he can share his love for the violin. But almost two hundred years ago, his musical patron turned him into a vampire without his consent, despite the patron’s own sire being a former Inquisitor. Abraham has been running from his grand-sire ever since, and his grand-sire has been trying to kill him ever since. As for connection, vampirism is a significant barrier to Judaism, and hiding is bad for one’s musical career. And constantly picking up and moving is bad for one’s love life. At least pets are portable.

But now that Abraham is in love with a mortal woman, he’s stopped running to honor his wife’s family and community connections, despite his own growing fear of mortality in general and outliving his loved ones in particular. Will he convince his wife to become a vampire as well? If he does, she can’t have the children they’ve both always wanted, and if he doesn’t, he’ll only have half a century with her at best before the inevitable. And if he turns her without her consent, he loses her for certain.

And about those children… what will they be? Vampires are only created one way—even if they’re pets—but that doesn’t guarantee that his genetic children will be human.

What do you think? Any suggestions? Any volunteers to beta? 😀

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