I’m in a writer’s group that is MADE OF AWESOME, but it’s also made up of only three people, and one has to take a hiatus. If we were going to increase our numbers, what would you recommend?
I’d really rather have our own writer’s group than join someone else’s. I used to use Critters, but I’m not ready to go back there. Having been in a good critique group for awhile, I’m spoiled by regularly receiving critiques from people who give good critiques.
Don’t get me wrong, I always got a lot of crits at Critters. I’d get a couple that were really useful and insightful, just completely awesome crits, and a lot of crazed badger crits along the lines of, “I can’t relate to your character because I don’t know what he looks like. Can you include a line where he sees his reflection in a mirror and describes himself so I can relate to him?” Um, no.
(Generally speaking, when I see myself in a mirror, I don’t think to myself, “She was about 5’6, with brown hair and…” The closest I get to that is seeing myself in a mirror and thinking, “Oh, shit, is that a coffee stain on my shirt?”)
Anyway, advice for adding people to an existing in-person critique group would be welcome. I’m thinking of making it a requirement that you must have at least one sale just to weed out the fanfic-only writers and the bad milsf clones. Nothing personal against fanfic or good milsf, of course.

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