No, it’s definitely stalled.

I’m not sure what’s up with the story, but it’s at 3049 words and just doesn’t want to move at all. Maybe this is the equivalent of the NaNoWriMo week two, and I should try to plow forward. Maybe I should set an arbitrary wordcount and do it even if those words suck. Maybe I should try to skip to a more exciting part and fill in the other stuff later. Hmmm.
I think it’s a novella or novelette, by the way.
I see why this story has been lying around my hard drive for a year. Clearly, I need to get out and push somehow.


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2 Responses to No, it’s definitely stalled.

  1. Julie

    I vote for skipping ahead to a different part and then going back to fill in the rest.

  2. I think it just wanted me to complain about it in public. Next time it misbehaves, I’ll probably do that.