I can promise you…

Dear Circe,
I can promise you that you’ll never have to take another pill, will never need any more bloodwork. There will be no more vet visits. No more sucky car rides. Goodbye, little ballerina kitty, who two months ago could jump over my head at the ripe old age of 14. I already miss you.


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6 Responses to I can promise you…

  1. *Snif* I wound up Snickers for extra prrrs to the Lady on Circe’s behalf last night when I heard the news.

  2. And thanks for catching my misdirected link on my blog…I fixed it.

  3. No problem. I recently started knitting myself, so I wanted to see the knitted DNA helix.

  4. misha

    Even though I’ve offered hugs and condolences in other places, I figure it never hurts to offer more. *Hugs!*

  5. Thank you, Misha. {{{clings}}}