I need help.

I was stressed out after work last night, so I decided to unwind by converting my site from XHTML Traditional to XHTML Strict. *facepalm*
The most obnoxious part was going back and finding invalid markup in old entries and changing it. I think I’ve found it all. I even found a popup window I’d failed to spork–horrors! Die, popups, die!
I’m such a nerd.
And I really should have been working on my script.


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2 Responses to I need help.

  1. Another Voice in the Cacophony

    I did work on my script last night. It was the first evening I’ve had all to myself in, oh, three weeks. I won’t tell you the page count because it’s pathetic, but first evening to myself in three weeks and all.

  2. Go, you!
    Tonight. Tonight there will be script.