Because I was having trouble convincing myself to work out, I decided to set my alarm clock half an hour earlier and work out in the mornings. This prompted much mirth from the SO, since my usual morning routine has been to hit the snooze button for an hour. Jokes about ejector buttons and dynamite are common.
I had the idea that perhaps if it was at a specific time, I would do it. My “when I get home from work, unless I’m hungry, because then I have to eat and let it settle” schedule wasn’t cutting it.
Well, this is the first week’s stats, not counting Saturday’s scheduled workouts:
Exercise bike: 3.4 hours, 37 virtual miles, average pace: 10.8 mph.
Weights: 4 workouts.
Lunchtime walks: 2, 0.4 hours, approximate distance: 1 mile.
Words written: 0.
I really hate the word “schedule,” but I think this suggests that I need a daily writing appointment with myself. Perhaps Friday should be a day off, since I watch all of Sci Friday’s lineup. There must be Battlestar Galactica.
I think I’ll come up with a plan–time, minimum wordcount (if any), etc.–and start Monday.

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