Short answer: Probably not.

Long answer: The book is set in 18th century Prussia (mostly Bavaria), 19th Century Prussia (Berlin) and Britain (London), 20th century Berlin and New York, and 21st century Greater New York Metro Area. The only reference to China is where I mention the historical fact that the only countries accepting significant numbers of Jewish refugees during the early Third Reich was Shanghai, but my characters do not go to Shanghai.

(And yes, if you’ve seen the immigration policies from the period they’re rage-honing. Australia: Australia has no race problems and no wish to import one. Canada: We have no desire to replace an international problem with an internal one. The United States: Turned away the St. Louis because they had filled their German immigration quota.)

That said, fret not. I do have other offensive things in my novel. They’re just not Chinese. For example, I imagine that if my book (or one of its sequels) is up for an award during the proposed 2028 Kampala, Uganda WorldCon they might have some issues with the amount of gay in my book. (I hope my book is out sooner than that! but traditional publishing being what it is it’s not outside the realm of possibility.)

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