In order to celebrate my hardcover of Love Stories, I’m giving away a signed paperback! (Click the image, alas, it borks my layout otherwise…)


Sponsor: Katherine Villyard

Eligibility: Sorry, US only, Postage. You know. Also, you must be human or human-adjacent.

How to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on a blog post (see link for details)
  2. Sign up for my mailing list (counts as five entries!)
  3. Visit my Facebook author page

All entry methods are optional in that you can do one of them or all of them. It’s entirely up to you!

Disclaimers: This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook or any other social network service where you might have heard of it.

Winner Selection: The winner will be randomly chosen by Rafflecopter’s generator.

Winner Notification: You will be notified via the email you gave when you signed up.

Shipping: I’ll do my best to mail the prize the next business day, barring weirdness or disaster. All prizes are mailed in excellent condition.

Privacy Policy: All information will be kept private and that the only data I will use will be for the purposes of contacting the winner and shipping the prize. You will only be contacted via email to be told you won, unless you sign up for my mailing list. If you sign up for my mailing list, you’ll receive my mailing list.

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