Quick Aside: Locus briefly mentioned our reading at WisCon.

So! Novel update! According to Scrivener, it’s 99,000+ words; according to Word it’s over 100,000 words. NICE!

Where I am: So, I now have three POV characters, and the consistent feedback I’m getting is that one isn’t getting enough love, so I’m pondering expanding her bits. I’m percolating on that right now. I was a little distracted by GETTING A CEILING and assembling my new bed. Also my writer’s group has two more chapters to read, and then it’s probably beta reader time. After I expand Destiny’s bits, of course.

By the way, do you want to beta read? I’m going to need probably more than one round, so stand by. My book has had a professional developmental edit, two rounds through the writer’s group, and lots of self-edits, but has not had line edits or proofreading. I’m going to start including non-spoilery snippets and drabbles in my newsletter, by the way.

I do still plan on querying agents, but am mildly alarmed by the agents that say “no vampires” or “I LOVE smoking hot sexy alpha vampires!” because neither really suits my book. 😉 I do have vampires; one is a nice Jewish boy and Crazy Cat Man and the other is prissy and straight-laced. (Also people are welcome to read him as anything from homoromantic ace to gay.) So… let’s just say that I’m weighing plans B and C.

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