I’m just joking… unless it makes you want to read my book. In that case, I’m DEATHLY SERIOUS. 😉

  • Interview with the Vampire as written by Faye Kellerman
  • A Discovery of Witches for feminist Jews
  • Only Lovers Left Alive but with a mortal wife and pets instead of a crazy sister
  • Dracula, only Dracula is the hero and has a human wife and a probably gay vampire bestie (“It’s only romantic friendship, as was popular in the 19th century! you moderns make everything so vulgar!”)
  • True Blood but in 19th century Europe and the modern New York area, and without the fake blood substitute or murder mystery
  • A modern-day “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” (the movie), only Elisabeta was a Victorian Actress and Mina is a veterinarian.
  • Adam from Only Lovers Left Alive is married to Willow Rosenberg, only she’s now a vet, and he’s a crazy cat man. Together, they fight an ancient evil vampire and try to raise children.

Which one is your favorite?

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