So, when talking about the Librem 5, I mentioned that I had a really old Librem 13 that I wasn’t using as much as I would like.

Since then, the laptop that I was running Qubes on seized up and died, so… I’m once again running Qubes on my beautiful Librem 13.

Apparently, this laptop, in addition to being pretty, is darned near indestructible. I bought it in 2017! I stopped using it for Qubes because I had an issue with Qubes freezing randomly, but it’s stopped doing that for the most part. It’s an older machine, but it’s an older machine that I put a larger, better hard drive and more RAM into.

In short: Go, Purism, go!

(I’m less particular about the Windows laptop and got a Dell refurb.)

Also, restoring Qubes onto new hardware is a “like nothing ever happened” experience–my favorite!

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