True Confessions

I run Nagios at home.  It texts me when my machines need patches.

I told this to a charming gentleman who was my dinner companion for the evening and he gave me a look that implied that I was not all there.  (He’s a Nagios admin, too, but not willingly.)  I found myself spluttering defensively, “I’m testing things for work!”

It’s absolutely true that I’m testing things for work.  In fact, I just set it up to check and make sure work’s email and web were up today, because they lost connectivity earlier this weekend.  But it’s also true that it’s fun.

My home Nagios server also Twitters.  I don’t remember if I told the charming gentleman that or not.  I suspect that I did.

Maybe I shouldn’t tell him about the webcam that tweets whenever someone is in my driveway.

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