Current stats

Current wordcount: 69,959.
Official wordcount goal: 80,000.
Date spreadsheet predicts I’ll hit 80,000: January 2.
Predicted draft 0 wordcount: 75,488 (ouch).
Predicted day I’ll hit predicted draft 0 wordcount: December 24.
I’m not that worried about the predicted draft 0 wordcount. I need to go back and put in well over 5,000 words of extra villain material. I planned to do that after the end of draft 0, so…
Yeah, still on track to get linux desktop upgrade bribe. Woohoo! If bribery works, I may have to promise myself an Asus eee or something for polishing this novel and sending it out. Although I need to write more short stories first. I’m running out of short stories!

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