The Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading went well. I read seven
minutes of “The Last Wasicu.” I expected to be more nervous, but it was
oddly non-terrifying. I guess all the high school drama club paid

I’m writing this at Jay Lake’s party, off on a couch in the corner,
because I’m a dork. It’s very loud and crowded, but the people-watching
is first rate. Jen just came over to ask if I’m okay. Yes, I’m just
Jonesin’ for the Tubes. And tired. Debian’s WPA supplicant doesn’t
seem to love unsecured networks, so I had to use Puppy instead.

The best party I’ve been to tonight was the haiku earring party.
Haikus for earrings! I gave permission to reprint, so my haiku may pop
up again some day.

More later, when I’m more awake.

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