I’ll be reading at Dragoncon tomorrow and Saturday with Broad Universe. Friday 4pm, International C, and Saturday, 11:30am, Greenbriar. I know, short notice. It’s been a long summer.

Dragoncon readings!

I’ll be reading with the Broad Universe group at Dragoncon! The Lit Track Reading is on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 7:30 PM; Fairlee – Hyatt Regency Hotel The Alternate History Track Reading is MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 11:30AM; Piedmont – Hyatt Regency...

Why, yes.

Jennifer Pelland and I did stuff dollar bills into Geoff Ryman’s waistband at the Tiptree Auction. Why do you ask?


I’m headed out to WisCon in the morning, and am packing now. Fret not, I’ll try to twitter and blog while I’m in Madison. In the meantime, just a reminder that I’ll be in the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading at 10:30pm Friday night. Be there...

My new, revised tentative Wiscon schedule

Let me show you it: Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading participant Fri 10:30 – 11:59PM Assembly Nancy Moore, J. Kathleen Cheney, Tina Connolly, Lori Devoti, Moondancer Drake, Gwynne Garfinkle, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Kathryn Sullivan, Katherine Mankiller, Morven...

My WisCon Panels

Let me show you them! Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading Fri 10:30pm – 11:59 Assembly Social Media: What is it and How you Promote Yourself and Your Work Sun 1:00pm – 2:29 Wisconsin

Yes, I’ve been AWOL.

I work too much. I need to cut that out. Anyway, I’m back from Dragoncon and have a possible short story idea or two, which is good because I’ve sold almost all of my short stories and only have two in circulation! I also attended a steampunk panel, which...

Um, hi.

Where was I before I got sucked into email migration hell? Oh, yeah. Wiscon. Why is the con over again? My reading went really well. In fact, my favorite author read right before me–she read an excerpt from an upcoming book that I’M SO EXCITED...

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