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Why, yes.

Jennifer Pelland and I did stuff dollar bills into Geoff Ryman‘s waistband at the Tiptree Auction. Why do you ask?

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Spotted in the Wild!

Check it out! It’s the issue of Electric Velocipede with ME! spotted in the WisCon dealer’s room at the Wheatland Press table. I now have my own copy to hug and squeeze and call George. Squee!
Electric Velocipede issue 17/18

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I’m headed out to WisCon in the morning, and am packing now. Fret not, I’ll try to twitter and blog while I’m in Madison. In the meantime, just a reminder that I’ll be in the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading at 10:30pm Friday night. Be there or be square!

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My new, revised tentative Wiscon schedule

Let me show you it:
Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading participant Fri 10:30 – 11:59PM Assembly
Nancy Moore, J. Kathleen Cheney, Tina Connolly, Lori Devoti, Moondancer Drake, Gwynne Garfinkle, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Kathryn Sullivan, Katherine Mankiller, Morven Westfield, Phoebe Wray.
Resolving Time Travel Paradoxes participant Sat 2:30 – 3:59PM Assembly
Alan Bostick, Sandra Almazan, Stickshift Bear, Staci Straw, Katherine Mankiller.
You invent a time machine, go back into the past, and kill your grandfather. Then where did you come from? SF authors have come up with a variety of ingenious responses to the so-called “grandfather paradox.” Interestingly, theoretical physicists have, too. We’ll look at a bunch of them.
Take Back the Sci-Fi participant Sun 4:00 – 5:29PM 623
Beth Plutchak, Mikki Kendall, Shira Lipkin, Katherine Mankiller.
Sexual assault and rape frequently get used as symbolic plot devices with no consideration about the realities of how these events effect survivors and the people around them and the larger social realities of this epidemic. Sometimes these stories get told well but often they perpetuate social myths and stereotypes that normalize predatory behavior and make survivors complicit. How do authors work to create a culture where stories that perpetuate rape myths are not acceptable? Examples?

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My WisCon Panels

Let me show you them!
Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading Fri 10:30pm – 11:59 Assembly
Social Media: What is it and How you Promote Yourself and Your Work Sun 1:00pm – 2:29 Wisconsin

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Yes, I’ve been AWOL.

I work too much. I need to cut that out.
Anyway, I’m back from Dragoncon and have a possible short story idea or two, which is good because I’ve sold almost all of my short stories and only have two in circulation! I also attended a steampunk panel, which was lots of fun. Anyone want to pimp me their favorite steampunk novels/stories?


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Um, hi.

Where was I before I got sucked into email migration hell?
Oh, yeah. Wiscon. Why is the con over again?
My reading went really well. In fact, my favorite author read right before me–she read an excerpt from an upcoming book that I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT!!!–and then she gave me a thumbs up after my reading. Surely there has never been a more squee-worthy event in the history of squee!
Then I came home and started working late every night. One night I came home at 11:30pm. Which is better than the 1:30am I did right before the con, but still.
Don’t ask how my writing is going. Ugh. *facepalm* I need to get cracking before I run out of things for my crit group to critique.

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I’m trying to cut “Grandfather Paradox” into something that will fit into five minutes but still make some form of narrative sense. It’s hard. Last year I read “The Last Wasicu,” and just started at the beginning and kept reading until I got to a good stopping point, but “Grandfather Paradox” is structurally complex and nonchronological.
I suppose I could give up and try to read from “In the Water” (my other forthcoming story) instead, but “Grandfather Paradox” has more violence, while “In the Water” is just kind of quietly creepy. I think I should go for the story with the blood, if I can. Blooooooood.

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Wiscon Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading–Reader List

The readers will be:
Katherine Mankiller, Theresa Crater, Lori Devoti, Gwynne Garfinkle, Morven Westfield, Sandra Ulbrich, Lyda Morehouse, Susan Hastings, Xakara, Moondancer Drake, Sue Burke.
That’s at 1pm in Assembly.

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Wiscon Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading

I’m going to be in this. I don’t have a lot of information, but I do know that Lyda Morehouse will be there, too, and she is awesomecakes with awesomesauce on top, 100% certified grade A awesome. And, of course, there will be me, so you should plan to come see it if you’re going to be at Wiscon. I hear it will be Saturday, May 24 at 1pm. I’ll update if that changes.
Update: I have a list of who’ll be reading.

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