We interrupt your regularly scheduled computer geekery to bring you tea.  I’ve been really getting into tea lately.  Also, caffeine abuse is a vital component of geek culture, and tea is relatively neglected (unless you’re steampunk).


Loose leaf, my darlings.  It’s so much nicer.  It may look expensive, but it’s only a teaspoon (hence the name) per cup.  I have a relatively cheap glass teapot at the office.  Generally, I’ve found that the more intact the leaves are, the more likely I am to like it.  I hear this is because the more intact leaves have essential oils that evaporate if the leaves are crushed.  I will drink tea bags or Keurig tea, but given a choice I’d much rather have loose leaf.

I’ve found I don’t like drinking the exact same thing day after day, so I have a collection. I drink black tea in the mornings, green tea in the afternoons, and white tea in the evenings.  Except when I don’t, on impulse.

Black tea:  I’ve been doing this British style, more or less, with milk.  Well, with soymilk or soy creamer, either of which is probably heresy, but I’m okay with that.  Current favorites here include Twining’s Lady Grey (loose), Teavana Black Phoenix Pearls, and Republic of Tea’s 2oth Anniversary Celebration and Rose Petal Black Full-Leaf.

White tea:  I generally like flavored white teas.  Octavia Tea Company has strawberry and wild blueberry teas that I like a lot.  Rishi has rose petal white tea.  Silver needle by anyone (I think I’ve had Teavana, Rishi, and Octavia)  is also really nomalicious.

Oolong:  I’ve really only had Octavia Tea’s Amber Dragon, which was good.

Green tea:  I think that I prefer my green tea unflavored, although I do like Jasmine Pearls (which I’ve had from Octavia and Teavana).  Thus far I’m liking Gyokuro Imperial Green and Dragon Well.

I’m also eying fancier teapots, although a lot of those require you always drink the same kind (black, green, etc.) because the pot seasons to the variety.

Have some tea vendor links:


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