Woe is me! I’ve decided that Untitled AI is not a story about Julia and Rob, my intrepid reporter and photographer. In fact, Untitled AI is probably two projects, but Julia and Rob have nothing to do with the AI and will need to have a new project just about them. This makes me sad, because I really like Julia and Rob, but there you go.
As for the untitled novel which desperately needs a better title than Lizardfic, I’m going back and making big lists of threads I dropped. D’oh! Most of these are things which are very clearly in the outline, and I got to the end and said, “Oh, wait. I need this.” Ah well, this is what revisions are for, right?
Speaking of new titles for the novel formerly known as Lizardfic (and briefly known as Monkeyfic), I feel a perverse desire to play off titles like “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” or, in a more threatening and dadaist vein, “The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors.”

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