It’s not that I don’t want to write. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it. It’s that I’m tired. What I don’t get is that I’m writing less now than I was during the email migration. Argh!
On the other hand, my spreadsheet of doom says that if I write every day I’ll be finished with draft 0 sometime between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
You know, that might just do it. It’ll only be draft 0, mind you. I still need to go in and put in a lot of villain scenes. But structurally, it’ll all be there and I can do the fun editing stuff instead of the tedious drafting.
Of course, what I really need if I want to write faster is a less demanding day job. Yeah. Like that’ll happen!
Maybe I should resort to shameless bribery. If I finish draft 0 by New Year’s I can upgrade my linux box? Hmmm.

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