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Why, yes.

Jennifer Pelland and I did stuff dollar bills into Geoff Ryman‘s waistband at the Tiptree Auction. Why do you ask?

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Spotted in the Wild!

Check it out! It’s the issue of Electric Velocipede with ME! spotted in the WisCon dealer’s room at the Wheatland Press table. I now have my own copy to hug and squeeze and call George. Squee!
Electric Velocipede issue 17/18

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I’m headed out to WisCon in the morning, and am packing now. Fret not, I’ll try to twitter and blog while I’m in Madison. In the meantime, just a reminder that I’ll be in the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading at 10:30pm Friday night. Be there or be square!

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It’s a table of contents with me!

Allow me to just say: Holy shit, I’m in some good company!
For those of you who were at WisCon last year, yes, that’s the story I read at the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading. John Klima also says it’s going to the printer soon.

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