Year in Review

I really did get stuff done, writing-wise, but not so you can see it.

  • Sales: 0
  • Finished stories: Only 1, but it’s really good (IMHO).
  • Rejections: 23 (Go, me!)
  • Time spent on revisions: Insane. I did NaNoEdMo on my NaNovel and also had a broken short that I beat with a stick.
  • Things lying around guilting me: my Script Frenzy script, which fell prey to the work project from hell.

Um, seriously? I worked way, way too much this year. It ate into my writing time.
I also wrote a bunch of self-indulgent things that I won’t show you. 🙂
On the up side, Lizardfic is going well–I’m 8,500 words in, right in the middle of chapter three, and it’s getting juicy. Basically, I’ve finally learned how to outline. That’s worth something. The writing is going slowly, but it’s worth it to not have a filthy draft like the NaNovel. I also wanted to give myself time to work on short stories, too, if the urge arose, but that’s not happening so I may try to write extra.
And I joined a writer’s group, which is made of win. And had my first reading, at Wiscon! That was awesome.
So, in short, a bunch of stuff that may pay off later. We’ll see.

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