Wow. My outline sucks.

I’m rereading Lizardfic and the outline materials associated with it, because I’ve been thinking that it may be time to work on this one again. You may or may not recall that this was the short story that turned into a novel that turned into me rewriting chapter one over and over and over again, and I’ve made a startling realization:
My outline sucks. Like a black hole.
Seriously. It has almost no plot or character in it. It’s just a setting. I cannot believe how much this outline sucks.
No wonder I couldn’t write it.


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2 Responses to Wow. My outline sucks.

  1. B. B. Kristopher

    Don’t you just hate it when that happens? That moment when you look at something you haven’t touched in a while and go DOH!
    Sometimes, a little distance helps.

  2. I love looking at things I haven’t touched in awhile and realizing new things about them. It’s the part where I realize they suck that I’m not so crazy about. 😉