There was indeed script last night.

I have thirty script pages.
Looking at the date, I need to write two pages a day to finish in time for the early Austin deadline. That sounds super-doable to me. In fact, I think I’ll see what I can do this weekend in the way of putting a serious dent in this project.
In other news, I had a stressful week. Misbehaving hardware and the like. Allow me to say, “TGIF.”


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2 Responses to There was indeed script last night.

  1. Another Voice in the Cacophony

    I’ve had a stressful week … month … year … life? 😉
    And yet, there was script last night. Only a couple of pages, but there was script.
    May 15 is the early deadline? That could be good.

  2. Yeah, June 1 is the late deadline.
    Man, has this week sucked. Actually, this entire year has been a quantum singularity of suck. I want my money back.
    And sadly, if I wait to write until I’m not stessed out, I never write.