Getting back on the [insert mythological animal here].

I had two stories in progress when my cat got sick in December, and I hadn’t touched either of them since until today.
Well, I just worked on one a little, and I really like it. It’s also 2700 words so far and I don’t think it’s even half-finished, although I could be wrong. I’m very bad at estimating first draft lengths. Partly because I have the basic story beats so far, but not an outline or anything.
Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos who writes to find out what happens next. 😉
This one is surprising me; it’s coming out pointed. And there’s a lot of religion in this one. Not so much conventional, organized religion, although there’s some of that, too. More… what people value.
I suspect that the former cliché story stalled because I was resisting the romance that might occur. And also, yes, it needs more conflict. I don’t think that one is completely ripe, although I think I’ve figured it out a little better.
I kind of wish they’d all come out in a big rush like the Just Not Right story, though. Speaking of which, well… *looks at submission tracker, raises eyebrow*


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2 Responses to Getting back on the [insert mythological animal here].

  1. I’m glad you’re writing again. It took me some time to be able to write after Titania died. The new cats helped a lot, because like her, they like to sit with me when I’m using the laptop. In fact, Antiope is snoozing next to me right now.

  2. I think the encouraging rejection I received recently helped.