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Yes, it’s been awhile…

You noticed that, too? 😉
When I moved, I sent change of address forms to everywhere I had stories. (You know, back in September.) Well, around New Year’s, one of them said they might have lost my story, and have not written back to confirm this. Judging by their turnaround listing on the Black Holes site, I probably wouldn’t be worried if they hadn’t said that they might have lost it. Sigh.
I just sent a query email to another market as well, after hearing from a friend that they’d had some problems.
There’s another story, ripening on my hard drive as we speak; the nightmare story of which I spoke. It’s already morphed considerably beyond the original idea. Which I suspect is probably a good thing. I may need to take a peek at it later and see what it has to say for itself.

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