Virii and other disasters

Y’know, after the sixth machine I put my floppy into started screwing up, I might start to think maybe it was me. Or my (virusy) floppy. I’m just sayin’.
No, I’m really not getting much writing done, so you get virii and the pain of utilities. Sucks to be you.
The phone company is evil. Why does it take over a week to get a phone in Atlanta? Dude! I mean, DUDE! It almost made sense when I lived in the Ninth Circle of Hell, population 600 bankrupt people and shrinking fast, but Atlanta? Dude!
Tomorrow. Sigh.
Cable modem is worse. Next Tuesday. I’m Jonesin’ here!
Luckily, I have unlimited Internet on my Treo. I’m sure you’re glad I was able to share my pain.

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