A quick “back up all databases” script

Mostly so I can link it to a post that's getting traffic... Declare @DBname varchar(255), @SQL nvarchar(max), @today nvarchar(50), @servername nvarchar(50) set @today = convert(nvarchar,GETDATE(),12) set @servername = REPLACE(@@SERVERNAME,'\','-') select @DBname =...

Ondine’s Curse

She knew the signs of drowning; she’d seen it many times. Mouth below the waterline, arms pressing the body up out of the water for a breath. He didn’t cry out for help, but then again, they never did. Breathing took precedence. He didn’t kick, didn’t thrash. He didn’t have the energy to waste.

Content Warnings for my Novel

So, content warnings. A.S. Akkalon was talking about them over here and included a link to a Trigger Warning database. What I've been sending in my queries (yeah, #amquerying): "Content warnings: Pet death, partner death, child death, reference to torture, prejudice...

Win a paperback!

In order to celebrate my hardcover of Love Stories, I'm giving away a signed paperback! (Click the image, alas, it borks my layout otherwise...) NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Sponsor: Katherine Villyard Eligibility: Sorry, US only, Postage. You know. Also, you must be human...

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