By Katherine Villyard

Love Stories

a short fiction collection

What is love? What can love drive us to do?

In these stories, love pushes us to revenge, to reach beyond the boundaries of life and death. To rescue a family member. To fight the good fight without even knowing it, or to risk everyone and everything to save someone who may or may not be worthy. To make the wrong decisions and walk into hell. To transcend who we are.

Love can make us both the best and worst versions of ourselves.



Katherine Villyard

Katherine lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and has a day job in IT. She’s been publishing short fiction since 2005, and has a collection of her short stories available most of the places books are sold online. Her stories have appeared in Electric Velocipede and Escape Pod. She’s currently working on a novel.

When she’s not writing, she’s playing The Sims and spoiling cats. Her greatest ambition is to rule the world.

Published Books

Published Short Stories

years in SFWA

Other Publications

Broad Spectrum; The 2012 Broad Universe Fiction Sampler

Twenty-nine excerpts and complete short stories from members of Broad Universe, an organization promoting women in genre fiction: fantasy, horror and science fiction.

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination,January 2015 #224

Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, edited by Hugo and Wold Fantasy Award nominated editor Warren Lapine, brings you the very best in science fiction and fantasy. Join us as we explore strange new worlds.

Alien Abduction; Collected Short Fiction

Herein you’ll find thought-provoking, wondrous, hopeful, frightening, and deeply human tales on the themes of alien and abduction. Such stories have been with us far longer than most realize, perhaps for thousands of years, challenging humankind’s very position in the cosmos.


“Love Stories” is such a work that makes me understand why so many of today’s “classic novels” originated in newspapers, one chapter or short section at a time, which then evolved into ‘finished novels’ as popular titles were collected and published upon reader demand. While not every reader may engage emotionally with every story offered, many are sure to find something which demands a ‘fuller’ or longer telling of the story, more details, etc.

– D M on Goodreads

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Short Fiction

In this short fiction prequel to my novel in progress, an innocent young man must face an ancient evil—including an evil that has taken root inside him—and learn who he really is.

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First draft of my novel complete!

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If you would like to read an advance copy of the collection, you can do it at Booksprout, Story Origin, or Book Sirens. If you just want a free copy, there's a Goodreads Giveaway going on now! That is all. 😀

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