A Really Driven Kith

“A Really Driven Kith” is an anagram of my name. An online generator found 58824 anagrams for “Katherine Villyard,” but I think “A Really Driven Kith” is my favorite.

Here are some more:

profile for Katherine Villyard at Server Fault, Q&A for professional system and network administrators

2 Responses to A Really Driven Kith

  1. Jeff Shu

    Hello Katherine:
    I am preparing to take Query Microsoft SQL server 2012 exam 70-461.
    I want to become database administrator.

    Could you recommend some training programs (online or class room setting) to me for MS SQL Server 2012?

    I did some research from Microsoft (MS) official website. It listed of training institutions (e.g. MS gold training partners). They officer 5-9 days training session to help students prepare the 70-461 exam. The training cost between $2700 – $3000.

    I would like to receive training that gives me real hands-on practice for SQL server 2012. I know that companies are look to qualified candidates with experiences not just pass certification exams.

    You suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Katherine Villyard

    Nope, sorry. I ordered the training book by Itzhik Ben-Gan and did the training exercises in it. Then I made up my own training exercises and used the practice test that came with the book.