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I just sent out five stories to various markets.  I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time to send them back out until now.  In fact, at one point I didn’t have time to bathe.

(Fret not, it was for a good cause, and it paid off.  All will be shared in the fullness of time.)

You know I was busy if I have five stories piled up.  I try not to let them sit around my house with their feet up drinking my beer for more than 24 hours.

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“La Divina Commedia” is live at ChiZine!

Yay! I’m really excited! This story took a long time to sell (two years, three months), and the rejections all said it was really good but not really something they buy. I never lost faith in the story, though, and am really happy that such an awesome place picked it up. I was never really in danger of giving up, because I’m obnoxiously stubborn that way, but I admit it was getting a little disheartening.
You can read it here.

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Have an excerpt…

This is from “Underworld.”

Dion tucked his computer science textbook and his Book of Shadows into his backpack, dropped it onto the floor at the foot of his bed, and launched World of Warcraft. He selected his realm: Earthen Ring. He was number eighty in the queue. Expected wait time: twenty minutes. Stupid server. He glanced over at the wilted plant on the window sill and waved his wand at it, and it perked up.

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Spotted in the Wild!

Check it out! It’s the issue of Electric Velocipede with ME! spotted in the WisCon dealer’s room at the Wheatland Press table. I now have my own copy to hug and squeeze and call George. Squee!
Electric Velocipede issue 17/18

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It’s a table of contents with me!

Allow me to just say: Holy shit, I’m in some good company!
For those of you who were at WisCon last year, yes, that’s the story I read at the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading. John Klima also says it’s going to the printer soon.

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Psst! Want to buy some stuff?

It’s for a good cause: Electric Velocipede is having cash flow problems, and you can buy some awesome chapbooks and back issues and other awesome stuff, including an issue with the awesometastic Jennifer Pelland. While you’re there, subscribe and you can get the issue with ME ME ME. What’s not to love?

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Hey, check it out!

It’s the cover of the issue of Electric Velocipede that I’m going to be in. Isn’t it awesome?

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Made. Of. Awesome!

Fantasy Magazine‘s new online submission system rocks so hard I’m afraid they’ll get a ticket for disturbing the peace. Seriously. And this is from someone who used to write database-driven websites for a living. Best online submissions ever! They even let you track where your submission is in the slush!
As you were.

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*drops pin*

Has anyone heard from the Indian Country anthology? I queried on the 15th.

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I am a dork.

That’s why I sometimes get the urge to do Snoopy dances upon receiving rejections. But this was one of the nicest I’ve ever gotten! I’m definitely moving these folks up in my rotation.

This story is now out to its 22nd market. People say nice things about it, but no one’s bought it. Maybe the 22nd time will be the charm.

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