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Jabber Nagios Notifications – Working Again!

I like using non-email notifications, especially when monitoring, you know, email.  So I have notifications going out via twitter and google talk.  Of the three, the order of speediness is:

  1. Google Talk
  2. Twitter
  3. Email

So I was really sad when the google talk notifications stopped working late last week.  It took awhile for me to have time to fix them, though, and basically I just found a google groups post telling me what to do.  Namely, this at the top:

use IO::Socket::SSL;
no warnings ‘redefine’;
my $old_connect_SSL = \&IO::Socket::SSL::connect_SSL;
*IO::Socket::SSL::connect_SSL = sub {
my $sock = $_[0];
${*$sock}{_SSL_arguments}{SSL_cipher_list} = ‘RC4-MD5’;
goto $old_connect_SSL;

Merci beaucoups à Cédric Bouvier pour la correction!


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Goodbye, Blink.

I used to do web development. In Cold Fusion, a lot of the time. Cold Fusion is a language with tags that usually start with CF, like “<cf_query>”.

We had a customer who kept asking for the text to be bright red, huge, and blinking. (Not for the entire site, but for special words and phrases like “SALE!” and “ALL ITEMS 75% OFF!” and “YOU CAN’T GET A CHEAPER PRICE ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET GUARANTEED!”) He did it often enough that we joked about writing a custom tag, <cf_ugly>.

Pronounced “see fugly.”


Boss: Yeah, [Name] likes your changes, but he wants you to wrap the text about the promotion in a see fugly tag.
Dev: DAMMIT!!!! *goes to edit*

See fugly.  See fugly stop.  Stop, fugly, stop.

[Link:  Firefox May Drop Support for <blink> Tags, Finally.]

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Sale! “Ondine’s Curse”

“Ondine’s Curse” will appear in an upcoming issue of the ever-awesome Electric Velocipede.  Squee!

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