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New Story

Have an excerpt:

Rumor had it that the Mirosians worshipped some kind of monster as a God, and that he was to be a human sacrifice. Ted lowered his eyes to avoid glaring at the bald green glare of his captor’s head, and found himself staring at his wings instead. There were other rumors, too, tales of insectoid hive minds and such, although those might have been an overactive imagination’s response to the exoskeleton. The guards spoke among themselves in a soft murmur that Ted couldn’t understand, so they must have some kind of individuality.

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I just sent out five stories to various markets.  I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time to send them back out until now.  In fact, at one point I didn’t have time to bathe.

(Fret not, it was for a good cause, and it paid off.  All will be shared in the fullness of time.)

You know I was busy if I have five stories piled up.  I try not to let them sit around my house with their feet up drinking my beer for more than 24 hours.

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I’m hoping this is close to the last draft of my bug story.  It’s about 4800 words of insecty goodness!

Um.  Yeah.  Trust me on this.  Heh.

In other news, I have a huge pile of stories that need to go back out because of commute hell.  Maybe I should go do that now.

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Patch Tuesday

If you’re like me, you have Patch Tuesday on your calendar.  In fact, if you’re like me, you’re running something like this at home! with your linux desktop checking itself and your Windows desktop for available patches via Nagios!

No?  It’s just me?

(It’s not just me.  I’m sadly trumped by the man monitoring his cat’s water dish with Nagios.)

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Nagios Plugin – SQL Job Status

I checked out Nagios Exchange, and didn’t see anything that checked the status of a job and used Windows/AD credentials/trusted connection.  So I wrote this.

It’s intended to run as an NRPE script, and doesn’t require anything that doesn’t come with Windows and SQL Server.  There’s a stored procedure and a batch file, both of which can be modified to suit your purposes.

You also need to enable nrpe and external scripts in nsc.ini, and define the checks in the [External Scripts] section.  Run the script with the job name as an argument (“scripts\last_sql_job_run_status.cmd some_job_name”).  An optional second argument is an integer representing how many days ago the job ran before Something Is Wrong [TM] (“scripts\last_sql_job_run_status.cmd some_job_name 3”).  If no time period is specified, it assumes a week.  The plugin returns critical if the job failed and warning if it succeeded but is late.

For trusted connections, you can run nsclient++ as a service account and give that account read access to sysjobs and sysjobactivity in msdb and execute on the procedure itself, although it should work out of the box for a default nsclient++ install checking localhost.  You can also use sql server authentication if you edit the line invoking sqlcmd accordingly.


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