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Um, hi.

Where was I before I got sucked into email migration hell?
Oh, yeah. Wiscon. Why is the con over again?
My reading went really well. In fact, my favorite author read right before me–she read an excerpt from an upcoming book that I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT!!!–and then she gave me a thumbs up after my reading. Surely there has never been a more squee-worthy event in the history of squee!
Then I came home and started working late every night. One night I came home at 11:30pm. Which is better than the 1:30am I did right before the con, but still.
Don’t ask how my writing is going. Ugh. *facepalm* I need to get cracking before I run out of things for my crit group to critique.

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I’m trying to cut “Grandfather Paradox” into something that will fit into five minutes but still make some form of narrative sense. It’s hard. Last year I read “The Last Wasicu,” and just started at the beginning and kept reading until I got to a good stopping point, but “Grandfather Paradox” is structurally complex and nonchronological.
I suppose I could give up and try to read from “In the Water” (my other forthcoming story) instead, but “Grandfather Paradox” has more violence, while “In the Water” is just kind of quietly creepy. I think I should go for the story with the blood, if I can. Blooooooood.

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I just lopped 4555 words off Lizardfic, which dropped me back down below 60,000 words. (59,746.) To quote Spock in “Devil in the Dark,” “PAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!!” I have short stories in circulation that are shorter than 4555 words. I may be able to recycle some of them, though. It makes me sad, because there was some stuff I liked there, but it’s for the structural good of the story.
I should go write at least 254 words so it doesn’t hurt as much.

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Bad Outline, No Biscuit

My novel has changed during the course of writing, which is okay. And I’ve updated the outline to reflect the changes. Sounds okay, right?
Only there’s a bit of a problem. My main POV character is away from all the action for several scenes. Ack! There’s a list of five to eight scenes in a row where the POV character isn’t her.
No, no, no. I can’t do that. I need to restructure things so she’s involved in the big bang finale. She is at A. She needs to be at B. In the original outline a bunch of stuff happened at B and she headed out to B to [spoiler redacted], but no, she needs to be involved in the stuff at B.
I may be junking a chapter or two. Sigh. Oh well, it’s more important to have it be good, right? Of course it is! Pay no attention to my wibbly lip at the thought of my decreased wordcount.


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Wiscon Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading–Reader List

The readers will be:
Katherine Mankiller, Theresa Crater, Lori Devoti, Gwynne Garfinkle, Morven Westfield, Sandra Ulbrich, Lyda Morehouse, Susan Hastings, Xakara, Moondancer Drake, Sue Burke.
That’s at 1pm in Assembly.

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Wiscon Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading

I’m going to be in this. I don’t have a lot of information, but I do know that Lyda Morehouse will be there, too, and she is awesomecakes with awesomesauce on top, 100% certified grade A awesome. And, of course, there will be me, so you should plan to come see it if you’re going to be at Wiscon. I hear it will be Saturday, May 24 at 1pm. I’ll update if that changes.
Update: I have a list of who’ll be reading.

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I can has Debian.

Yeah, I realized yesterday that the Ubuntu upgrade had blown away my old xorg.conf, and that the new one didn’t appear to know that I had a video driver at all. I considered digging it out of backups, but no, I’m too lazy. Debian. And I restored my old home, so all my bookmarks, etc., are still good. Apparently, I restored flash, too, ’cause I’m celebrating by watching videos on YouTube. 😉
And now, food.

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My newly upgraded Ubuntu 8.04 box continues to boot to a black screen from a cold boot. Sure, I can go into recovery mode and then it works when I reboot, but I don’t really want to fix my machine every time I boot it. And I’m still not alone.
My commitment to Ubuntu is pretty weak right now, so unless I fix this soon this machine is going Debian Etch. I’m just sayin’. I’ll try the vesa driver in xorg.conf, but of course when I reboot it’ll work. It’s just the cold boot that’s black. *shakes head* It’s a kernel driver, it’s got to be.

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