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So, where’ve you been, Katherine?

Pretty much working, exercising, and writing my novel. And nagging my sister to put dog pictures on Flickr. I think the world needs more pet pictures, don’t you? Isn’t that an Avenue Q song? “The Internet is for Pet Pictures”?
Current novel wordcount: 48,828. We’ve made it to the city, where lots of important things happen. Ooh, I need to tweak my outline spreadsheet to match some of the changes in the text outline. A whole bunch of unplanned characters showed up in Chapter Ten and have become important, and need to be reflected in the outline.


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Congratulations! it’s a novel.

My novel-in-progress is over 40,000 words. Yay, it’s a novel!
It’s not a complete novel, mind you. In fact, it’s a half-complete novel. But it’s 40,000 words, and a girl needs milestones.


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ebook fever!

I just subscribed to Asimov’s as an ebook from fictionwise.
See, I love Asimov’s, but I hate the way all those little digest-sized books start to cover every available surface of my home. This is much better, because they just go onto my PDA and are there for me any time I find myself in need of something good to read.
In other news, Scalzi has links to more free ebook goodness.

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Man assaults woman. She gets in trouble.

A man sits next to a woman on a plane. He spreads his legs, pressing them up against her. She complains. He tells her, “You’re a big girl.” She says, “Don’t fucking talk to me like that.” He grabs her arm and threatens, “I’m going to slap you in your mouth.”
Whom do you think gets lectured to at length by the flight attendant, laughed at, and threatened with removal from the plane for “attacking” another passenger, and forbidden to discuss the situation with other passengers? Would you believe she does?
How about if I tell you he’s white and she isn’t?


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Hmmm, that’s interesting.

Apparently, my comment sp@mmers are offering me links to pictures of garden implements. One even offered garden implements with cats. Intoxicated cats.
How can I ever resist? *deletes*

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