Lizardfic stats

Current wordcount: 19,833.
Goal: 80,000.
Average daily wordcount: 566.
Average scene length in words: 2260.
Guesstimated final wordcount: 85,880.
Percent of goal completed: 24.79%.
Percent of guesstimated final wordcount done: 23.09%
At this rate, I’ll reach my goal on 5/9/08 and finish on 5/19/08.
All wordcounts produced with the unix “wc” command.
And yes, I did update my outline spreadsheet. I want to know when it thinks I’m going to be finished.
I have to say, though, that I changed all my characters’ names from “their lizard names” to English names. Changing this in my working text files was a few awk commands. Changing this in the spreadsheet? Obnoxiously time-consuming. Ah well.

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