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Year in Review

I really did get stuff done, writing-wise, but not so you can see it.

  • Sales: 0
  • Finished stories: Only 1, but it’s really good (IMHO).
  • Rejections: 23 (Go, me!)
  • Time spent on revisions: Insane. I did NaNoEdMo on my NaNovel and also had a broken short that I beat with a stick.
  • Things lying around guilting me: my Script Frenzy script, which fell prey to the work project from hell.

Um, seriously? I worked way, way too much this year. It ate into my writing time.
I also wrote a bunch of self-indulgent things that I won’t show you. 🙂
On the up side, Lizardfic is going well–I’m 8,500 words in, right in the middle of chapter three, and it’s getting juicy. Basically, I’ve finally learned how to outline. That’s worth something. The writing is going slowly, but it’s worth it to not have a filthy draft like the NaNovel. I also wanted to give myself time to work on short stories, too, if the urge arose, but that’s not happening so I may try to write extra.
And I joined a writer’s group, which is made of win. And had my first reading, at Wiscon! That was awesome.
So, in short, a bunch of stuff that may pay off later. We’ll see.

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There are times when I love working for a college.

This is one of them. I was last at work on December 21. I’m not expected back until after New Year’s.
You may now hate me. 😉
Sadly, this is not ending up being insane amounts of writing and working out. But I had a very busy year, and probably need the rest. I’m doing things like watching Frida for the billionth time instead.
My cats are in stink heaven. They think I’ve finally come to my senses and realized that working thing is a terrible idea. Now, if I would just forget that writing business and spend less time on my laptop goofing off, all would be well. I should devote myself to them as is their due. In fact, a couple have velcroed themselves to each outer thigh, which is nice because they’re furry and warm.
Instead of writing, I’m pondering the impending death of my PDA, and whether or not I need a new cellphone. These are clearly burning issues that must be pondered at length. Clearly.
Right now, however, the burning issue is my bed, and how it’s managing without me.

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What we did for Nondenominational Winter Holiday.

I don’t know why, but I’m feeling down on secular Christmas this year. Perhaps it’s residual bad-taste-in-mouth from the lame, trumped-up “War on Christmas” crap from a few years ago. Maybe it’s that the S.O. and I are agnostic. Maybe it’s that several of my coworkers are Jewish, Muslim, or Pagan and I’ve been feeling like secular Christmas–that commercialized hell of Santa and Rudolph and buy now for only $19.99!–that allegedly makes Christmas something religious minorities can celebrate, too, just makes quite a few of them feel more left out.
That’s not the same thing as being down on religious Christmas, by the way. I don’t celebrate it, since I’m agnostic, but y’all have a Merry one if you are so inclined.
Now that all that’s out of the way…
You might assume that since my S.O. is a Physics major and I was all wifty liberal arts before accidentally falling into computers that he’d be more hard-core than I am. You’d be wrong. I’m the radical in the family. In fact, when we were discussing whether or not we would commit matrimony, I was talking about all the things I didn’t want: No God talk. No giving away the bride. No promises to obey, for fuck’s sake. And no rings–stupid enforced patriarchal capitalist bullshit. And then he started to sulk, because by $DEITY, my boy wants a ring. He doesn’t care if I wear one or not, but he wants one. He even showed me the matching ones he’d picked out. And then I sighed and relented on the grounds that the ones he picked were fairly cool and not expensive. But then we didn’t commit matrimony after all, hooray!
Um. Yeah. I’m not always an easy woman to live with. I also shriek with horror when the doctor’s office leaves me voicemail calling me “Mrs.” Seriously, it sounds like someone stomped on a squeaky rubber duck or something. Yeah, I digress. Moving right along.
Anyway. The S.O. is also more of a secular Christmas traditionalist. I suggested skipping it this year and he started to pout, so help me. Then I suggested an alternate celebration where we stand outside all night on the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, and shout, “Where’s the fucking sun?” He said that would make us wildly unpopular with the neighbors. Killjoy. We compromised by opening our gifts on the Winter Solstice, reserving the 25th for overeating.
You’ll note that I didn’t tell anyone not to buy me presents, though. I suppose my greed outweighs my general agnostic grumpiness. In fact, I’m already deciding what I want to spend my Mom’s Christmas check on, and considering a new cellphone. Merry Consumermas to you, too!
My Muslim coworker wished me a “Happy, um, winter vacation.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Lakota secede from US

Oh. My. God.

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The Lakota Indians, who gave the world legendary warriors Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, have withdrawn from treaties with the United States, leaders said Wednesday.

“We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us,” long-time Indian rights activist Russell Means told a handful of reporters and a delegation from the Bolivian embassy, gathered in a church in a run-down neighborhood of Washington for a news conference.

A delegation of Lakota leaders delivered a message to the State Department on Monday, announcing they were unilaterally withdrawing from treaties they signed with the federal government of the United States, some of them more than 150 years old.

They also visited the Bolivian, Chilean, South African and Venezuelan embassies, and will continue on their diplomatic mission and take it overseas in the coming weeks and months, they told the news conference.

I’m so excited, and a little bit anxious, and oh my God I love them for doing this.

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I hate to jinx things, but…

Lizardfic is a lot easier to write the second time around. Okay, chapter one had its hard parts, but that was because it was chapter one, and because I need violence enablers. (I really, really need violence enablers.) Chapter two is my friend so far.
Maybe it’s that wacky outline thingy. Who knew?

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Five hundred words.

I started the new, improved chapter one of lizardfic today. I have a
daily word count goal of five hundred words. That’s doable.

There was a moment of, “Oh, no! Start? Do I dare to eat a peach? I
shall wear white flannel trousers and walk upon the beach. I have heard
the mermaids singing, each to each.” But then I started typing and it
went away.

Also, I started a fresh copy of The Motivational Spreadsheet of
Doom. To instanag me if I don’t write my 500 words and attagrrl me if I

I could have written more, but it’s Tuesday. Better to pace

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You know you want it!

The Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel is coming soon. I haven’t seen it yet, but it has poetry by my friend Peg Duthie in it, and she is made of awesome. Therefore, you clearly want this book. You want it, you crave it, you must have it!

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I am a dork.

That’s why I sometimes get the urge to do Snoopy dances upon receiving rejections. But this was one of the nicest I’ve ever gotten! I’m definitely moving these folks up in my rotation.

This story is now out to its 22nd market. People say nice things about it, but no one’s bought it. Maybe the 22nd time will be the charm.

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